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Sliding Door Shutters Supplier

Sliding Door Shutters interior  IS installed in a wide door, usually open to the garden, with slid panels moving left or right, it can adjust the lights in a big range, and, this kind of shutter for sliding doors was usually made by full wood, some are made half wood and half faux wood,which comes in high quality and long time use.Our shutter for sliding glass door can be made in multi meterials,and check our advantages below:

Yes, the shutters is perfect choice to install on sliding door, it not only decorate your room, but also help you control the lights, protect your privacy and make you happy everyday.

The cost for sliding glass door shutters are calculated as per the sqaure meters, what’s more, for sliding shutters, there also have surcharges, as per the length of the door, contact us to check your sliding door shutter cost.

Bypass shutters are another name for sliding door plantation shutter, according to the method of the louvers full open or half open, we have two types ,one is half open by pass and the other is full open bypass window shutters.

Sliding Door Shutters white color

Production steps of track shutters for sliding glass doors

The sliding glass door shutter were made as per the steps below:

Arch Window Shutters

Shutters for octagon window

Oval window shutter

Shutters for french door

Sunburst plantation shutters

Half circle window shutters

Round window Shutter

Triangle window shutters

Material Options to Custom Sliding Glass Door Shutters


The most popular shutters material
Stable Quality

basswood Full Height Shutters


WaterProof Material for Shutters

fauxwood material Full Height Shutters


Competitive Material with good price

fauxwood Full Height Shutters


The BEST material for antiqued Shutters

ashwood Full Height Shutters

Details Need to Clear When Order shutters on sliding glass doors

Normally, the most popular materials to make full height shutters are: Basswood, FauxWood, PineWood, and Ashwood:

Our shutters materials


basswood Full Height Shutters
fauxwood Full Height Shutters



ashwood Full Height Shutters
fauxwood material Full Height Shutters


There are two style frames for full height plantation shutters, the L frame and the Z frame, for L frame, it has inside and outside mounted, and, for Z frame, it has inside mounting method, see below for details.

Frames Mounting Method

L frame inside mount

L Frame Inside Mount

L frame Outside mount

L Frame Outside Mount

Z frame inside mount

Z Frame Inside Mount


The most popular shutters material
Stable Quality

basswood Full Height Shutters
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There are normally three tilt rods for bespoke full height shutters:Front Tilt Rod, Hidden Tilt Rod and Inside Concealed Tilt Rod:

Tilt Rods Types

Front Tilt Rod

Front Tilt Rod

Hidden back Tilt Rod

Hidden Back Tilt Rod

Concealed Rods

Inside Concealed Rod

Mid Rail For Shutter

A mid rail is an horizontal wooden frame in the inside of the shutter panels, aim to strengthen the shutters, usually it will need when the height of the shutter panel is higher than 1800mm/6′.Furthermore, customer can choose to add one midrail or two midrails as you like.

full height shutter with mid rail

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tracked shutters by pass
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